Are you licensed?

Yes, Biagi Plumbing Corporation is licensed with the State of Illinois.  All of our plumbers hold plumbing licenses as well.  

A plumber that is licensed can easily repair, install and upgrade your plumbing.  You also have the benefit of hiring someone with experience being able to detect the best course of action for your plumbing problems. 

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully licensed, bonded and insured.

A quality plumbing contractor should be both bonded and insured to protect both you and the plumber from unforeseen costs and damages 

Do I need to be home when you come?

Although you do not absolutely have to be home when we come over for service, it is in your best interest to be home while we are working. Everything goes smoother and easier if you are home to talk to about what we need to do, review pricing, and get your input if a decision has to be made regarding a repair or a recommendation. 

Do you have references?

We can provide references upon request.  Please call our office to get more information.

Do you schedule same-day service?

In most cases, yes.  However, during times when the weather is bad (heavy rains, freezing temperatures, heat waves, etc.), service can fill up a few days of scheduling.

Because of the nature of plumbing and  sewer emergencies, we always tend to those in need the same day.  

What areas do you serve?

We have been serving Chicago's North Shore (and then some) since 1989.